Get Naked

Aqua Sphere ErgoFlex Hand Paddle

A quick way to make sure you are getting everything out of your Breaststroke pull is to wear your paddles without the straps on your wrists and fingers. I call this my naked paddles drill. When you are pulling you want to keep the pressure of the water against the palm of your hands–you want to grab and pull the water through as much of the stroke as you can otherwise you are wasting valuable energy on motion that’s doing nothing to propel you forward. They only time this drill should be difficult is when your hands are in the shooting phase.


  •  Try not to grip the paddles with your fingertips. Use your whole hand.
  • Don’t place the paddles together when you shoot your arms forward or it becomes difficult to separate your hands and continue the pull.
  •  My favorite way to do this drill is to do it very slow with my head staying above water and my chin resting on the surface.
  • Do not rush through your stroke. Go slowly through the movement and make sure your technique is correct.
  • I find 8X25 commits the movement to muscle memory for at least the rest of my workout.
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