I was interviewed on Fox Business this morning and was asked about the Sochi doping scandal–my thoughts weren’t really complete so I will firmly add this–doping is wrong and those who do it, or support it, should be appropriately disciplined.

Do I think an entire team should pay for the actions of the few or even the actions of the majority? No, I do not. That would be a simple reaction to a complex problem and it would hurt the drug free athletes more than anyone else.

It’s very unfortunate that sports (and politics) are plagued by people who must win at all costs and while I don’t know what it feels like to win while doping, I imagine in the long run it feels a lot worse than losing clean.

As a mother who has children in sports, I see the problem very differently now than I did when I was swimming internationally and the solution I keep coming back to is to make sure I teach my kids to never forget the importance of competing. Winning is great but every time an athlete steps into their arena, the only thing they can be sure of is that they will compete against others and how they do that matters so much more than the results.

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