Amanda’s Book Tour Set for AprilBy Amanda Beard | March 22, 2012

On April 3rd, seven-time Olympic medalist and two-time Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard will set out on her very first book tour after the launch of her memoir, “In the Water They Can’t See You Cry.”

This book delves into not only Beard’s triumphs in the pool, but also her past struggles out of the water. The book gives an in-depth [and very real, no matter how ugly it is] look into her successes and her failures, her accomplishments and her vices, and her journey to multiple Olympics starting at age 14. As you’ll read, Beard has battled her inner demons over the years, fighting an eating disorder, depression and self infliction, as well as struggling with drugs and alcohol. Despite her rocky journey, Beard’s resilience and spirit has carried her through and made her the strong person she is today. After learning her lessons the hard way, Beard now strives to be a role model for women of all ages and has written this book solely to inspire others.

cover-amanda-beard1-199x300Beginning with the book debut on April 3, Beard will be making appearances in cities such as NYC, Long Island, Tucson and Los Angeles through April 13. She will grace the stages of top national TV talk shows, including, but not limited to:

  • The Today Show: April 4
  • Dr. Phil: April 4
  • CNN “Starting Point:” April 5
  • Access Hollywood: April 12

As Beard’s book is predicted to become a New York Times Best-Seller (we are keeping our fingers crossed!), Barnes & Nobles has agreed to include it in its line up of recommended Mother’s Day reads! This means that Beard’s book will have a prime spot in all Barnes & Nobles stores across the country – make sure you are on the lookout.

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Contact us to book Amanda, obtain an interview surrounding her book launch or for more information on PMG Sports’ other athletes. And starting April 3rd, be sure to pick up a copy of “In The Water They Can’t See You Cry.” It will inspire you beyond belief, we promise. Also check back to our Twitter, Facebook and blog often for more updates on show appearances and book signings. Beard might just be in a city near you!

10 Responses to “Amanda’s Book Tour Set for April”

  1. Barbara Quamme says:

    What a story! Congrats on coming forward. You are a role model in so many ways. Enjoy your next Olympics in a totally different way. :0)
    Barbara (a former swimmer as well)

  2. Devlin Distefano says:

    Hi Amanda

    Saw you on Dr. Phil today. Your story hit home. I have struggled with my eating all my life and dealing with body dysmorphic syndrome. I got down to 115 lbs from 155 in 5 weeks and was catatonic for 4 days. The death of my only child has turned my world upside down. I use to be outgoing and now dont leave the house for days in a row. I ballooned up to 225 lbs. A couple of weeks ago I started swimming laps again. I can relate to crying while swimming.

    Your story encouraged me today. Thank you

  3. Donna McIvor says:

    My Dear Amanda,

    My name is Donna and I just to say that I watched Dr. Phil today
    and I sit here at 3 o’clock in the morning watching a replay of
    the show and still crying. I am so happy and so proud of what you are doing for you and your family, but also what you are doing for mine and others that know your pain! I don’t know your pain inside
    but my 38 year old daughter does. Yes, Amanda, I am a mom who can tell you all of the things that are external, however, I can only imagine the internal part. The difference between you and my girl
    is she is not famous but I love her so much and if I could take this pain away I would. My daughter, her name is Noelle, (like the Xmas song), and may she and God forgive me wasn’t diagnosed till she was
    28 and it has been a life of sadness for her. Did we see it early in life? Yes, we did, sadly we didn’t know what “IT” was. She was 14 and borderline underweight as she had been since her preemie birth, at 17 she was 152 lbs., 5′3″ and had to have breast reduction because
    she was a 44 dd and was getting a spine curvature. Within 6 months,
    she was 110 lbs and was a pinup girl x2, here in Canada it’s a big
    deal with the newspapers across the country,when your a teenager.
    To sum it up Amanda, my girl now lives in isolation, as she is so afraid of being hurt anymore, but I am terrified of her loneliness
    and that the anorexia will take over again. I pray for her every night and I thank you again for letting the world know that this disease can hurt anyone. I also want to thank you for what you with you career as I watched you swim anytime you on T.V. I love water sports. If you would like to get a glimpse of my daughter inside and out, she was published in a book of poetry called Island Mist, her poem is called “My Reflection”, her name is Irene Noelle McIvor and
    you can find her on Facebook, Noelle Mcivor, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
    Canada, she is so very pretty, if I do say so myself, lol, but if
    you look at her picture, Amanda, You’ll see the struggle, she has stopped cutting and is trying very hard to eat right, but sadly money can speak louder than the illness as it always a=has been and always will be. Thank you and your Family and God Bless You for trying to help us.

    God Bless, A friend in illness and health, Donna McIvor

  4. lisa coito says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing your struggle with cutting, and bulima! As someone who has stuggled with bulima herself and other problems it is nice to know you are not alone! Thanks for your honesty you are in a position to help young women and men with similar problems god will bless you for that. We need more people like you to turn around our society that says we have to look a certain way cause when that happens the pressure is on emotionally, and it becomes to much for some of us and eating disorders follow. THANKS AGAIN,LISA:)

  5. Bobby says:

    You are very courageous to share your story and I know you are helping others….thank you

  6. cresta says:

    I just have to say you are an inspiration. I am close to you in age and swam for years. You have already done so much in your life despite the pain you went through. I also have battled for years with an eating disorder and am still trying to find my own voice. It is encouraging to know that it can be done. I look foward to reading your book. I wish you much more happiness and success in your life. -C

  7. Amy says:

    Amanda- I read every memoir I can get my hands on. Yours is one ofvthevmost honest & touching onescive read. I related a lot to you as a fellow sufferer of an eating disorder & depression. Do you still struggle at times? I do & reading others stories helps me not feel so alone. I too have had body & self image,problems….I look at pictures of you & can hardly believe you went thru that. Then again I know it’s not about how a person looks. I really appreciate your bravery in writing your story. Thank you. I wish you the best!

  8. Jazmin Hernandez says:

    I’m so inspired by all of your struggles and accomplishments. I can relate to you a lot and I hope one day to be as successful as you! Thank you or being a huge example to girls, ladies, and woman in the world!

  9. INGRID says:

    Thank you for sharing your inside struggles growing up. It took alot to seek help but with your book, I think it will help alot of others going thru the same issues. I have been a Carl Edwards fan for years and got interested in you when you were attending the Awards Banquet with him, years ago. That is why I had to buy the book. I learned alot about you as a swimmer. Very good book. I wish you much success in the coming months. You have a wonderful husban and a beautiful son. I love his name.. And I am still a Carl’s fan… THANK you for being open. You have always been a smiling, beautiful lady.. DO not think otherwise..

  10. Denise Dignard says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is a good way to heal and help others in the same situation to heal as well. Well done.

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